Paul Moran

Department: Sales, Generics

Hi, I’m Paul, a District Key Account Executive in the Retail Sales Team and I’ve been working at Teva for 12 years and what makes this job special is the fact that no two days are ever the same. There’s always something different…always a complete new challenge.

I’m field-based, which means I travel around the midland region of Ireland and parts of Dublin maintaining and building the relationships we have with retail pharmacists.

In a typical day I call to independents and small pharmacy groups,  review purchases, deal with any stock issues, detail new products, and then share and gather market updates and information.

I used to work for Ivax before Teva acquired the business in 2006 and back then we were ranked 5th in the marketplace. The impact Teva created was instant and amazing in terms of its processes, its innovation and strategy. From the supply chain, right through to the regulatory department, everyone in the business plays a part to deliver for the customer and the patient.   

The result was that we went from 5th place to first place in 2013 and we’ve stayed at number one spot ever since and I’m very proud of that achievement.

Key to that success is the wonderful team that I’m part of. Five of the retail team have clocked up more than 12 years’ service each and that’s what makes the difference. We all have different skills and strengths that we can call upon and use, especially when the going gets tough. That’s why we’re No 1.

It’s great working under the Teva brand. An ex-colleague once said ‘think big and act small’ which sums it up perfectly. Teva is a huge, global pharmaceutical firm, but at a local level we operate in a small country. So we’re able to bring the big ideas and the innovation of Teva and then sell them to our pharmacy customers, who in turn improve the lives of their patients during small, daily interactions.

I never forget that we’re making lives better for patients. I’ve worked in the Irish pharmaceutical industry for 35 years and it’s great being a small part of the medical care system that is providing hope and relief to patients on our medicines.

I like volunteering and getting involved. Outside of work I chair the local Parish Council and help with events such as the annual barbecue, Parish Week and the Christmas fair. Through a Social Justice program I engage with young people to help those who are homeless. I’m involved in our local youth gospel choir and I am starting a musical society in our community. Recently I organised a volunteer day for Teva Ireland where we gave our time and effort to update the common area of a sheltered housing complex.

I suppose I can’t turn down a new challenge, which is why I love my job at Teva. If you’re considering a role here I would say you have to be up for the test and prepared for hard work and if you are, the rewards are great.

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Date of preparation: November 2021
Reference: COB-IE-NP-00073