Our key therapeutic areas

Our focus

We focus on developing, personalising and improving treatment for patients with central nervous system disorders, migraine, respiratory diseases, pain and cancer. We also provide over-the-counter products for consumer healthcare - available without a prescription, including well-known brands such as Sudocrem® and Infacol®

We are dedicated to addressing patients' needs, along with expanding global access to medicines and bringing benefit to wider society

We have a strong history of bringing innovative treatments to market for central nervous system disorders, such as neurological and neurodegenerative diseases, migraine and movement disorders, as well as a strong portfolio of respiratory, pain and cancer products.

Applying expertise, innovation and technology to improve health

We invest significantly into research and development to help our scientists effectively bring medicines to market so that our product portfolio addresses the changing needs and challenges of healthcare

It is this research that forms the engine for growth and development, not only for our company, but as part of our aspiration to improve health. In developing these treatments – in the fields of respiratory, pain, migraine and headache, movement and neurodegenerative disorders, oncology and more – our number one priority is improving the lives of patients around the world.

Integrated innovation that delivers better healthcare

Combining creativity, scientific rigor and our extensive knowledge across a broad range of technologies to improve healthcare provision

Our scientists, engineers, medical doctors and project leaders across the globe use their expertise to innovate novel biologics, biosimilars, small molecule specialty medicines, generics and over-the-counter therapies

We are exploring new ways of addressing unmet patient needs by combining drug development capabilities with devices, services and technologies. Our expertise spans drug development and product delivery to the patient, monitoring and support services.

We have one of the largest generics research and development teams in the industry, allowing us to research generic products including complex generics and biosimilars, and to explore genuine advances on existing therapies by formulating, delivering or using them in a novel way.

Innovation around existing molecules

Part of our focus in generics research is developing new therapeutic entities, based on known and approved chemical molecules. These molecules are reformulated, repurposed or re-engineered to be delivered in a new way to address specific, unmet patient needs. It has the potential to deliver a range of new treatment options, reduce cost of treatment and reduce the financial burden to the healthcare system.

Investing in both original biologic medicines and in biosimilars to help patients around the world

Biopharmaceutical therapies have transformed the way many diseases are treated; they have, and continue to, revolutionise treatment outcomes for patients across a broad range of conditions

Teva is working hard to realise the full promise of these remarkable medicines. As the equivalent to generics for name brand biologics, biosimilars offer patients and healthcare systems access to high cost medicines at a more affordable level.


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Consumer Health

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Central Nervous System

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Date of preparation: April 2021
Reference: COB-IE-NP-00041