We’re Teva

Providing medicines that help improve the health of millions of patients in Ireland every day

Life Effects™

Living with one or more chronic conditions affects your life in so many ways. The only people who really know what you are going through are those who have faced the same challenges for years

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Patient support

We offer general advice and resources to help you become an informed patient

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Our medicines

Our generic, biosimilar, specialty and over-the-counter medicines help patients across Ireland to take control of their health – and live better days

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Life Effects™

Developed in collaboration with patients, Life Effects™ offers information, insight and inspiration for people living with one or more chronic conditions

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Life Effects™ helps caregivers navigate the challenges and joys of caregiving, with advice on how to support a loved one with their ongoing health challenges

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Frequently Asked Questions for Patients

Find the answer to the questions we are asked most frequently by patients and caregivers

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Understanding your medications

It’s really important that you understand and take your medication properly, that's why we’ve compiled some advice to help you be informed about your condition as well as why you are taking your medication

Being an informed patient

Have a look at our guidance on ways you can be an informed patient

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Taking care as you take your medicine

Tips on finding out as much as you can about the medication you are taking

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Taking your medicine correctly

Learn helpful ways to try and form good habits when taking your medicine

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Counterfeit medicines

We are working with governments and customs authorities around the world to help control the problems caused by counterfeit medicines across the globe

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Date of preparation: February 2024
Reference: COB-IE-NP-00021 (V3.0)