We believe in maintaining high standards in how we promote our medicines, and in being transparent in how we work.

We are committed to sharing details of our relationships with patient organisations, healthcare professionals and appropriate administrative staff; as well as details of all donations and grants provided to institutions, organisations or associations that are comprised of healthcare professionals and/or that provide healthcare or conduct research.

Disclosures of Transfers of Value to Healthcare Professionals and Healthcare Organisations

The pharmaceutical industry’s role in society is fundamental in bringing medicines to patients via a collaborative effort with healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations. The working relationship delivers innovation in medicine which is reliant upon the exchange of ideas and information with industry and healthcare professionals. Industry fulfils a vital role in providing medical education to healthcare professionals to ensure that they are updated on medical advancements to improve patient treatment and care. It is important to maintain confidence in the relationship between industry and healthcare professionals by being transparent about our activities.

Commitment to transparency

Teva Ireland endorses the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Association’s (EFPIA) work in increasing transparency across the pharmaceutical industry. We are committed to being transparent about our transfer of value i.e. payments or benefit in kind made to healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations by publicly disclosing the information. The transfer of value results from collaborations with healthcare professionals and healthcare organisations in advisory boards, medical education, grants, clinical research and joint working projects to support patient care.

We take the disclosure effort seriously and encourage the healthcare professionals that we work with to provide consent to named disclosure. Consent has been collected according to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) new standards. Details for HCPs that did not provide consent has been provided in aggregate (anonymous) as per disclosure requirements.

Consent will be gathered in accordance with GDPR standard for future activities and we look forward to disclosing the data in due course.

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For any queries related to the disclosure data, please send an email to info@teva.ie 

Date of preparation: May 2019

Ref: IE/CPE/18/0006