Improving health, making people feel better

This is our purpose and our driving force. It gives meaning to everything we do and it is the reason we come to work each morning. It is about us, the people of Teva, applying our dedication, capabilities and skills, as well as our passion and human touch, to make better days and better health for millions of people worldwide. Our values guide us to ensure that our patients, customers, colleagues and communities are at the heart of every decision we make. 


We are doers. We value action. We come to life when we have deadlines to meet and problems to solve. When we combine this determination and “can do” approach with greater collaboration, planning and alignment, we ignite the “power of together.” This way we will work more effectively, co-create better solutions, and achieve things together we never thought possible. This is the way we collaborate at Teva.


We love being first. We love it when we lead and shape the industry. This warrior mindset is what makes us Teva. To stay ahead of the game in a constantly changing environment, we dare to be different. We have the courage to keep our minds open: reach out, ask questions, identify opportunities in unexpected places and tap into them. We must continue to be hungry learners: experiment, innovate and be resilient and adaptive to change. We make the decisions required to take our business forward, and execute them with focus and determination. For us, this is leadership


We are imaginative and inventive, striving to apply our creativity where it matters most: where we can improve health and make people feel better. While we are never creative when it comes to compliance with regulations or to the safety and quality of our products, we look for original and better ways to excel, and discover solutions for current and future obstacles. We drive ourselves to raise the bar and provide sustainable value in a differentiated way.


We care. We care about sustainable healthcare. We care about the wellbeing of our patients, the communities we touch, and the planet we live on. We care about Teva people all over the world. It starts with us: we are attentive and considerate to those around us, and we take care of each other. We strive to be true partners in trust-based relationships. By doing what’s right, we care and we earn respect.


We are proud to work in a company that improves health and contributes to people’s wellbeing. Each and every day, we are making a difference to the lives of people around the world. We have a responsibility to uphold this legacy and to apply the highest ethical and moral standards to everything we do. And at the end of the day, when we go home and tell our families about our actions and decisions, we know they can be proud of us - and of Teva. At Teva, we make our families proud by acting with integrity and honesty.