Hardik Shah

Department: Formulation, Research & Development, Respiratory

Hi My name’s Hardik and I am working with science, technology and manufacturing streams in the pharmaceutical industry to improve the quality of people’s lives. 

You can find me in the Research and Development department at Teva’s plant in Waterford, where we make and develop respiratory products such as inhalers for asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

I’m a Senior Manager responsible for the ‘Formulation’ and ‘Process’ development, which basically involves science – to mix ingredients – and then engineering, to develop and make the end products.

I manage a team of scientists who use the latest technology and software packages to develop new products. And that’s what I love about this role – we take a new idea from its humble beginnings right through to mass production in order to supply to the  public domain.

This means we have to encourage and create a working environment that’s innovative and creative. A typical day at Teva involves problem solving and technical challenges using sophisticated statistical and Design of Experiment tools. Some of our work is so innovative that I’ve had to file patent applications for it.

I’m always learning here and I’m grateful to my colleagues from the other departments who support my development. Teva also provides a wealth of training and my senior managers help to improve my leadership and risk management skills. It’s a transparent environment so you find colleagues talking and collaborating during coffee breaks and lunchtimes to learn from each other and discover solutions.

To succeed at Teva you need to respect your colleagues and their ideas to solve complex tasks which I find rewarding and time-saving. My biggest achievements have been clinical outcomes, where we carry out clinical trials to develop new products or medicines. We might fail ten or more times, but eventually we bring a new medicine to market thanks to the success and tenacity of the team working closely together.

That’s why this is my dream job. I’m working in the pharmaceutical industry bringing new products to the market in a fast, efficient way that are going to improve the quality of somebody’s life, possibly even a member of my family.

One of Teva’s values is ‘We Make Our Families Proud’ and I think my family is definitely proud of what I do at work.

And it’s not all work. Teva encourages its colleagues to have a healthy work-life balance which is great because it means I can spend quality time with the family and friends.

Waterford is a great location for family activities. People think it’s only famous for its crystal, but it’s Ireland’s oldest city so it’s full of nice surprises. There are Viking creations to explore and parts of the city’s ancient walled core still remain. If that’s not your thing you can hit the beaches or go hiking in the mountains.

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Date of preparation: November 2021
Reference: COB-IE-NP-00073