Collin Botha

Department: Sales, Generics

Hi I’m Collin, a Healthcare Specialist supporting pharmacies in the North East region of Ireland and hospitals country-wide and if you’re lucky enough to be offered a job here I would say grab it with both hands and don’t let go. Teva is a great company to work for and the opportunities are endless.

It’s my role to grow our business within retail pharmacists and hospitals and I do that by advising customers on their stock, new product development, new products and offers. I also address any problems they may have. This takes a lot of organising, so each day I have to carefully plan my diary and my calls so that I maximise the time I spend with each customer.

When I joined Teva two years ago my focus was purely on pharmacy customers, but I was soon asked to take on extra responsibilities to support hospitals which I was delighted about. Knowing that the management team had this confidence in me gave me an amazing sense of achievement and that’s what I love about Teva. I believe you get back what you put in.

Within Teva there’s a great support network from the other territory managers and office colleagues. I’ve been supported in my Pharmacy and Hospitals role by both my predecessors who have always been open, accommodating and at the end of the phone if I needed any help or advice. It’s important for me to feel secure and stable in my role because I have a young family.  

One of our values is making your family proud and I can certainly relate to that. I enjoy this job because the products and medicines we provide really give people a better quality of life.

I’m super proud to be working for Teva and can honestly say it’s the best company I have ever worked for. There are so many opportunities for career progression, lots of training courses on offer and the working environment is second to none. I’ve also enjoyed taking part in a big charity project which helped the local community.

If you want to work here you’re going to need drive, persistence and an ambition to succeed. You’ve also got to be accommodating, flexible and a great team player. In return you’ll get an amazing job where you can really spread your wings and develop your career with a company that is making a positive difference to people’s lives.

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Date of preparation: November 2021
Reference: COB-IE-NP-00073