Meet the experts

Ensuring medicines are discovered, designed, manufactured and delivered to patients takes an incredible amount of collaboration and coordination. Meet the experts from Teva who love getting the pill to the patient.

We work as One Teva

Every day, thousands of our colleagues team up to help improve the lives of patients across the globe. Our employees look at the bigger picture together – across the company, around the world – from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and disciplines. We work as One Teva, to find innovative and creative solutions to the healthcare challenges of today and tomorrow.

Every great journey has to start with a single step so let’s meet some of the people who are involved in those early stages.



Maša Rajic Linaric

Maša is an Associate Director for Research and Development, Physical Characterisation, at Teva API, responsible for a team researching solid-state active substances – which is the process that turns effective treatments into viable products for people.

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Xinyu Liu

Xinyu’s job is to get a detailed understanding of a condition like asthma and how it affects patients’ lives, and then design digital products or apps that address unmet needs.

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Mike Smith

Mike works on the development of medical devices and combination products, such as auto-injectors and pre-filled syringes, which dispense drugs into the body. It is precise and painstaking work as the wrong dosage could have significant consequences for patients.

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Paula Turner

Paula runs Teva’s dedicated clinical trials facility in Florida, where healthy volunteers help to test the safety and efficacy of drugs before they receive regulatory approval.

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Cory Wohlbach

Cory Wohlbach is responsible for steering Teva’s new biosimilar products through the regulatory approval process. He explains what biosimilars are, how they have the potential to reduce costs for patients and how patient safety is always a top priority.

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Dr Joshua Cohen

Joshua is Teva’s Senior Medical Lead for the Migraine and Headache Therapeutic Area. It’s his job to help build awareness about the impact of a disease that affects more than one billion people around the world. 01

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Daphne Gerrits

From her office near Paris, Daphne Gerrits oversees packaging design for Teva products worldwide. And if you think for one minute that a medicine box is just a box, then Daphne wants you to think again...

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Keeping medicines on track

The next steps in a medicine’s journey are through the manufacturing, production and supply process. Here are some of the many people keeping our medicines on track.



Romana Santar

Romana is a Site General Manager based in Zagreb, Croatia, where Teva makes the active pharmaceutical ingredients that make up a drug. Through the areas where Romana leads, teams work across the whole process, from research and development to production and commercial distribution.

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Sara Zavaleta

Sara runs a huge supply chain operation across several sites in the United States. A supply chain is when raw materials are transformed through the manufacturing and packaging process before being delivered to customers.

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Angela Swanton

Angela is the General Manager at one of Teva’s manufacturing plants in Irvine, California. The site measures about 500,000 square feet across a number of buildings and Angela looks after almost 390 people.

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Hikmat Adamu

Hikmat is a supervisor at Teva’s manufacturing facility in Runcorn, UK. With half a million units of medicine produced by her team every day, rigorous checks and balances are needed to ensure every single unit is sterile, secure, and safe for patient use.

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Amy Hassett

Amy works in the engineering department at Teva’s plant in Runcorn, UK. It’s her job to make sure that medicines come off the packaging line as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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Rebecca Shepherd

Rebecca is Principal Mechanical Engineer for Sterile Device Technology at Teva. She handles specifications and technical documentation for projects, to get things in place ready for production. Rebecca also makes sure the risk management documentation is in order.

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Jeannette Brend

Jeannette is Senior Director for the manufacturing, technology and science group at Teva API, overseeing process improvements, including the introduction of new technology and products.

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Jack de Graaf

Jack heads up Teva’s Environment, Health and Safety function in Europe. It’s his job to make sure the company’s many European factories, research and development sites, and offices are all safe to work in, so that anyone who enters one of our facilities in the morning will leave safely by the end of the day.

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Getting medicines to the patients that need them

Once our medicines have been carefully produced and packed, they have to be delivered correctly, safely and on time to patients around the world.



Ed Kinkler

Ed Kinkler is Senior Manager for Logistics Chain and Product Security in the Americas. Ed’s role is to ensure that Teva’s medicines are stored and transported to their destinations safely. He is fighting a constant battle with criminals who want to get their hands on these highly valuable products.

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Mar Gimeno

Mar is Head of Supply Chain for International Markets and Israel & Asia Pacific. Mar’s role is to make sure the right countries receive the right amount of medicines at the right time.

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Medicines and more

200 million people take a Teva medicine every day, 02 so once our medicine has been delivered, our work doesn’t stop there.



Ann Lee-Jeffs

Ann is Teva’s Senior Director for Environment and Product Stewardship. It’s Ann’s mission to ensure that the process of filling one of the world’s largest medicine cabinets has a positive impact on both people and the planet.

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Kris Van Deuren

As part of the Global Corporate Security team, Kris leads Teva’s worldwide efforts to protect patients from potentially toxic fake medicines. He collaborates with international agencies to hunt down and dismantle billion-euro counterfeit medicine operations.

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We keep monitoring medicines after they become available to patients to check there aren’t any unexpected side effects. It’s Vanesa’s job to investigate cases where the unexpected does occur, find out what happened and make recommendations to help keep patients safe in the future.

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Giancarlo Francese

Half of the people around the world lack access to medicines. It’s Giancarlo’s job to help improve that statistic, working to find new ways of increasing access globally to our medicines, both in countries where Teva has a presence, but also in low-income countries where we don’t.

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