When a person is told they have cancer, their world – and the worlds of their families and loved ones – is turned upside down. In addition to coping with the illness itself, the side-effects of the prescribed treatment can also be harrowing and difficult. Yet, thankfully, there have been tremendous advancements in care in recent years.

Cancer is a broad group of diseases where tumours develop, often growing uncontrollably. Unfortunately, tumours can also spread into neighbouring healthy tissue and organs. Some types of cancer respond very well to treatment, and recovery rates are high. For others, the picture is not as positive.

However, there are a wide range of treatment options available, both aiming to reduce tumour size and also to alleviate side effects and other symptoms that can come about as a result of either the cancer itself, or the treatments used.

Each form of cancer has its own specific method of diagnosis and treatment – these include chemotherapy (powerful medication that kills the cancer cells), radiotherapy (using high energy x-rays to kill the cancer cells) and surgery (to remove the affected tissue).

Our range of oncology medicines

There are a wide range of medicines to treat not only cancer, but also the side effects of cancer treatment, like neutropenia (where the number of infection-fighting white blood cells is reduced as a result of chemotherapy), as well as pain which often comes about as a result of the tumour pressing on surrounding tissue, organs or bones, or because of the treatments used to fight the disease.

Applying expertise, innovation and technology to improve health

Cancer impacts hundreds of millions of people across the world, profoundly affecting their quality of life and costing society countless billions of pounds in treatment.

Our global research and development group is developing a focused portfolio of solutions that advance cancer care and improve the lives of people affected by cancer.

Teva is also committed to developing and marketing biosimilars, with the potential to create lower healthcare costs. This focus is consistent with Teva’s mission of making accessible medications to help improve the lives of patients.

We are dedicated to supporting our patients and healthcare professionals

Our work with patients, and our experience in this therapy area, means we are well placed to invest in extensive research into potential cures and medicines to help alleviate the many symptoms of cancer, to offer patients and healthcare professionals a wider choice of treatments.

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