Beyond Migraine: The Real You

Migraine affects around half a million people in Ireland1

At Teva, we understand the huge impact migraine can have on the lives of you and your loved ones

We know that living with migraine is a challenge. In fact, it can be isolating and downright frustrating. We're committed to improving the lives of migraine patients and helping them embrace their potential.

We're calling on migraine patients across Ireland to share their journey with fellow patients, their family and the wider community to raise awareness of this serious and often misunderstood condition.

Our recent survey carried out among 265 Irish migraine patients reveals the huge impact on family life and mental health and wellbeing caused by their condition.02 

Our survey has found that 46% people surveyed in Ireland said migraine impacts their overall health and wellbeing. 02 Migraine has an impact on almost every aspect of their lives, with the survey highlighting the significant burden on family and children.


The survey findings show the reality of life for people suffering with migraine in Ireland. The effects of migraine don’t necessarily stop when the attack subsides and that the impact of this condition extends beyond the person suffering with migraine.

The survey highlights the need for more work to be done to raise awareness of the impact of migraine on sufferers in Ireland as migraine can be often misunderstood with many sufferers hiding their condition from those around them.

Migraine impacts families

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One of the most revealing results from the survey was the effect that migraine has on a person’s family and particularly the lives of their children.

Among parents, 40% said that their children are impacted by their condition.


Migraine isolates and frustrates

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Migraine keeps people away from those they love and activities they enjoy. Migraine can shape daily life with 4 in 10 (39%) of migraine sufferers hiding a migraine attack.

  • 24% said they hid a migraine for work/career reasons
  • 22% hid their migraine as they didn’t want everyone to worry about them

The survey data found that migraine affected many areas of a patient’s life, specifically noting that:

  • 51% of people with migraine are frustrated
  • 53% of people with migraine are exhausted
  • 30% of people with migraine feel depressed and sad
  • 25% of people with migraine feel depressed and anxious.

The survey data also showed that migraine damaged people’s personal and social lives, 52% of those surveyed claiming it has prevented them from going out, 44% saying the disease impacted their ability to exercise, 41% of people saying their career has been impacted by migraine, and 25% stating it had impacted their sex life.

Migraine is misunderstood

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65% of Irish patients living with migraine feel that their condition is not being taken seriously by government or society.

Just over half of all patients (52%) claimed it took three or more years to be diagnosed after first experiencing symptoms and a further 47% had to wait another 3 years at least to get a specific treatment.

About the survey

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The Beyond Migraine: The Real You survey reached 265 migraine patients in Ireland. The survey explores the human impact of migraine on the lives of patients, their family, their work and their social life. Independent data collection was conducted at the request of and with financial support of Teva.

The insights from 265 Irish migraine patients are broadly similar to those reported by patients in other European countries. Irish migraine patients reported feeling more exhausted (53% Ireland vs. 51% Europe), but the feeling of frustration (51% Ireland vs. 51% Europe) and guilt (15% Ireland vs.14% Europe) remained broadly the same between both.

Migraine is a complex condition that comes with a wide range of symptoms. The main feature is a painful headache that is often associated with other symptoms such as sensitivity to light, sound and experiencing nausea or vomiting. Some people may also experience visual disturbances prior to a migraine attack.

Migraine attacks typically last from 4 to 72 hours and can have an enormous impact on work, family and social lives of those impacted by the condition. 03

Migraine remains undiagnosed and undertreated in at least 50% of patients, and less than 50% of migraine patients consult a physician. 04

Migraine affects 12-15% of the population 05 consequently the financial burden of migraine is huge: It is estimated that migraine costs Irish businesses €252 million every year as a result of lost productivity with the average migraineur missing between 1.5 and 4.5 days from work annually. 06 Despite the economic and societal impact of migraine, it remains a misunderstood and under managed condition.

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It’s important that you know that you’re not alone - there are many people out there going through the same challenges that you are every day - balancing the struggle of having a chronic condition like migraine with looking after a family, managing a career and the daily pressures of life.

That’s why we've created Life Effects™, a unique platform by patients, for patients. You'll find insights, stories, tips and advice from other patients who have migraine and want to share their experiences.

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Where can I get more support and help?

If you suspect you may be suffering from migraine, it's really important to see your doctor and get a diagnosis. No one should have to suffer in silence. 

If you are concerned about migraine and need support or advice, please talk to your Healthcare Professional and visit The Migraine Association of Ireland’s website

Migraine is a complex condition, but we want to go beyond migraine and support the real you.


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Date of preparation: December 2020
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