We believe compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and other requirements that affect our business is fundamental to our corporate wellbeing. By striving for excellence in this area, we protect, enhance, and create value for our organisation

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Compliance mindset

We have developed a risk-based global compliance training and communications plan. Every role at Teva has been assigned a risk designation based on interactions with members of the healthcare community or government officials, and received relevant training. To continue to support our compliance activities, we have a Healthcare Interactions portal which provides information on the entire healthcare engagement lifecycle—from hiring healthcare professionals to funding healthcare organisations.


Expanding compliance

We have widened the scope of our Compliance Committee of the Board of Directors to oversee Teva’s commitment to corporate responsibility, including community outreach, academic relations, social impact programmes, and stakeholder management.


Culture of ethics

Our commitment to ethics represents our aspiration to create a culture of honest, transparent business conduct. We reinforce this culture through our leadership’s example as well as communications, training, and sharing of best practices. Our Code of Business Conduct supports our commitment to ethical business practice. All new employees receive ethics training upon joining the company, and all employees participate in a Code of Conduct refresher training every three years.


Reinforcing business integrity

We encourage employees and all those who interact with Teva to report suspected non-compliance or Code of Conduct breaches to our Office of Business Integrity (OBI) via our global Teva Integrity Hotline. OBI provides a range of tools to support confidential non-compliance reporting. All employees have participated in OBI awareness training and have received guidance on the hotline and OBI process.


Formalising our commitment to human rights

We support the spirit and provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. As a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, we are committed to taking all measures reasonably possible to act with respect for all individuals and uphold human rights. This includes ensuring we are not unwittingly complicit with human rights violations in our global supply chain.

We acknowledge the International Labour Organisation’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work as a guiding reference for our policies and approach. We are also committed to preventing acts of slavery and human trafficking in both our business and supply chain. We uphold the elimination of all forms of forced and compulsory labour and the effective abolition of child labour. A statement published by Teva UK outlines our ongoing efforts to ensure compliance with the Modern Slavery Act.


Transparency efforts

We voluntarily disclose many aspects of our business activity, including through our Communication on Progress to the United Nations Global Compact, as well as our voluntary disclosure to the CDP Climate Program.


Disclosing patient organisation contributions

We adhere to Codes of Conduct of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) and Medicines for Europe, which provide standards for relationships between the pharmaceutical industry and patient organisations.


Data integrity

Adhering to all regulations and internal standards governing data security and privacy is critical to business continuity and responsible conduct. Our approach is risk-based, covers all stages in the data lifecycle, and addresses three dimensions of data integrity: governance and management, procedural and technical controls, and human factors and culture.

As we look to the future, we remain dedicated to implementing social impact efforts focused on improving patient lives and increasing access to healthcare. This includes codifying corporate policies and positions, expanding partnerships and programmes, monitoring our performance, and participating in external performance rankings.

We are committed to enabling patients around the globe through their health journey so they can live better days. Our social impact activities bring this to life and support our ambition to make our world a healthier place.