Ajovy® (fremanezumab)

This information is only for patients who have been prescribed AJOVY®

AJOVY® is a prescription medicine containing the active substance fremanezumab, and is used to prevent migraine in adults who have at least four migraine days per month. It is a type of treatment called a monoclonal antibody (mAb) and has been developed in response to the latest understanding of the underlying causes of migraine.

AJOVY® reduces the frequency of migraine attacks and days with headache. This medicine also decreases the disability associated with migraine and it reduces the need for medicines used to treat migraine attacks.

AJOVY® can be taken by injection either monthly or quarterly, as instructed by your doctor. Do not take AJOVY® until you have been shown how to inject by a medical professional.

How does AJOVY® work?

When starting a new treatment for migraine, it can be helpful to know a little about how migraines occur and how your medicine works.

For migraine sufferers, a substance in the body called calcitonin gene-related peptide (CGRP) plays a key role. It is a molecule found in the brain and nervous system and its release is involved in transmitting pain. When CGRP binds to its receptors in the brain, it sets off a chain of events that play an important role in causing migraines. People who have migraines have high levels of CGRP during a migraine attack.

AJOVY® is a CGRP-inhibitor. It works by attaching to CGRP, to stop it from binding to its receptor. This prevents the chain of events that contribute to migraines, which can result in fewer or less severe migraines. Learn more in this video animation.


How to inject AJOVY® pre-filled syringe

AJOVY® is given by injection under your skin (subcutaneous injection). To help you get started, your doctor or nurse will explain to you or your caregiver how to give the injection safely and comfortably. Please do not try to inject AJOVY® until you or your caregiver have been trained.


How to inject AJOVY® pre-filled pen

Please read the AJOVY® Pre-filled Pen Quick Tips Guide in conjunction with viewing the AJOVY® Pre-filled Pen training video.

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Further information and support

The patient information leaflet can be downloaded from the HPRA website and you can contact Teva with any question about this medicine that you may have.

Patient Information Leaflet

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For questions about your medicine contact Teva

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Rain Free Days®

Rain Free Days® is a Patient Support Programme app for patients prescribed AJOVY®, developed with input from patients with migraine.

Your nurse will introduce you to the app and its key features. The app empowers patients to accurately and easily track:

  • Headache frequency and duration
  • Headache severity
  • Medication taken

It also provides practical ongoing support for migraine sufferers.

You can download a copy of the app from the Apple or Google Play store. You will need a medication batch code to register.

Rain Free Days® - Patient Support Programme app

Download from Apple Store

Rain Free Days® - Patient Support Programme app

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions from individuals starting on AJOVY® treatment which you may find helpful. If you have any further questions, please speak to your doctor, nurse or pharmacist.

What are the benefits of AJOVY®?


AJOVY® reduces the frequency of migraine attacks and days with headache. This medicine also decreases the disability associated with migraine and it reduces the need for medicines used to treat migraine attacks.

How do I know which dose to take?


You and your doctor will discuss and decide the most appropriate dosing schedule for you as an individual. It will be either:

  • Monthly dosing: one injection (225mg) each month
  • Quarterly dosing: three injections (675mg) every three months

If your dose is 675mg, inject the three injections one after another. The injections may be given in the same or different area, but you should avoid injecting in exactly the same place. You can use a reminder method such as notes in a calendar or a diary to help you remember your next dose.

What happens if I miss a dose?


If you have missed a dose of AJOVY®, inject your missed dose as soon as you can. Do not take a double dose to make up for a forgotten dose. If you are not sure when to inject AJOVY®, talk to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse.

If you have any further questions on the use of this medicine, ask your doctor, pharmacist or nurse.

What happens if I have taken too much AJOVY®?


If you have used more AJOVY® than you should, tell your doctor right away.

Life Effects™

Living with one or more chronic conditions affects your life in so many ways. The only people who really know what you are going through are those who have faced the same challenges. With that in mind we have created Life Effects™, an initiative shaped by patients for patients.

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 If you experience any side effects (adverse events), talk to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse. This includes any possible side effects not listed in the package leaflet. This medicine is subject to additional monitoring. This will allow quick identification of new safety information. You can help by reporting any side effects you may experience. See www.hpra.ie for how to report side effects. Side effects may also be reported directly to Teva using our online form.

Date of preparation: February 2021
Reference: COB-IE-NP-00047