We have a new way of looking at people: through health, not only through sickness. This means we will not only help sick people get better – which is what we have done so far – but also help healthy people stay healthy. We will go further “beyond the pill” into integrated solutions, disease management, prevention and overall wellness.

As people seek to play a bigger role in their health, we too must play a bigger role in enabling them to feel more in control by providing both emotional and functional support in the form of the medicines, tools and information they need.

Real patient insights

Everything we do is based on real patient insights and grounded in real data. We have been listening to our patients in new ways, getting to know them and understand their needs, concerns and aspirations. Our research shows that people want to take better control of their own health and wellness, in ways that have not been possible until now.

With our strong global footprint, size and scale, and our world-class portfolio of generic and specialty medicines; we are in a unique position to deliver best-in-class, sustainable and accessible solutions that help patients manage their overall health.

Improving health, enabling better days

We strive to help solve the health challenges of a changing world, putting patients at the center of our work.

This means fully understanding the care they need now and anticipating their needs in the future. It requires developing solutions that transform care—and helping to ensure those solutions are within reach. It involves forming partnerships to help us have an even greater impact.

The result of these efforts will drive better health. Being healthier gives people options, control of their lives, time with loved ones, and achieves our ultimate goal of enabling patients to live better days.