Generic Medicines Day 2022

Today [Thursday 16th June 2022], Medicines for Ireland marks Generics Medicines Day 2022, recognising the important role that generic medicines play in delivering value to Ireland’s Healthcare System.

As the largest supplier of prescription medicines to Irish pharmacies, 01 we are proud that Teva contributes to making more medicines affordable to more people.

Compulsory generic medicines substitution was introduced back in 2013 and since then uptake has grown significantly: Back in 2013 generic medicine usage in the Irish medicines market was 11% but that figure rose to 58% in 2018, 02 and climbed to 73% in 2021. 03

That’s meaningful progress but Ireland is still some way behind the 80-90% level that exists across other EU member countries. 03

Since 2013, the use of generic medicines and biosimilars have provided savings of €1.6bn to the Irish state. 04 There is further potential to save much more by driving uptake of generics.

Generic Medicines Day is an opportunity to discuss how important generic medicines are for reducing costs and improving patient access to medicines in Ireland.


Teva understands the need to balance affordability with value and quality, we will continue play an integral part in helping to deliver cost effective options for both the HSE and private patients across the state. 


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    Based on Medicines for Ireland company and IMS data Accessed June 2022

Date of preparation:June 2022
Reference: COB-IE-NP-00081

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