A neurology hub for migraine and multiple sclerosis (MS) specialists


Neurologybytes is a knowledge hub for healthcare professionals, sharing information and scientific research to improve treatment and well-being of patients suffering from migraine and multiple sclerosis.

Teva’s news and education platform provides ‘byte-sized’ content on the latest developments in the field of neurology, with a particular focus on migraine and MS, keeping you at the forefront of knowledge and scientific developments.

Curated from neurology congresses and peer-reviewed journals, Neurologybytes provides valuable content in one easy to access hub.  The content is reviewed and vetted by an independent steering committee of healthcare professionals working in neurology, ensuring a high level of editorial quality.

Find timely, tailored scientific information at your fingertips

The content is split across three key areas – ‘Migraine’, ‘Multiple Sclerosis’ and ‘Events’ – with articles including:

  • Modern understanding of the pathophysiology of migraine 

  • What do we know about pregnancy in women with MS?

  • Migraine and mental health

Get up to date insights from the largest neurology congresses

The ‘Events’ section contains summaries and reports from key international congresses such as the International Headache Congress 2019 and the ECTRIMS 2019.

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Registered users of Neurologybytes will also be able to tune into podcasts, webinars and interviews for the latest insights from respected peers in the neurology space, while also receiving regular newsletters and learning from the neurology community.

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Date of preparation: April 2021
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