Medicines, whether they are tablets, capsules or liquids for example cannot be recycled. We would encourage you to return any unwanted or out of date medication to your local pharmacist in order that they can dispose of them responsibly according to their local guidelines.

The packaging a medicine is presented in preserves the stability and quality of medicinal products and protects them against spoilage and tampering. What this means for Teva’s products is that we have made decisions on production materials with these requirements in mind.


Most of our carton and patient information leaflets can be recycled, as they are paper and cardboard. Blister packs are made of plastic and aluminium foil, and have potentially been in contact with toxic or highly potent drugs, so consequently they require special consideration for their disposal.

You can check with your local recycling centre, they will be able to advise you how to dispose of blister packs or any other packaging you are unsure of.

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For questions about environmental issues or recycling please email