There may be information on the Patient Information Leaflet of your medicine that will tell you what you can and cannot take with your medicine. This may include herbal medicines.


For a Teva medicine, you can download a copy of the Patient Information Leaflet from the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) website.

The ingredients are listed in Section 6 of the leaflet.

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Teva also distributes some medicines for other pharmaceutical companies. If you need another copy of the Patient Information Leaflet, you need to check who is the marketing authorisation holder. This will be on the packaging.

You will need to contact this company to get another copy of the leaflet.

If you do not have the packaging, we would recommend that you speak to the healthcare professional that prescribed the medication or your pharmacist.

Our Medical Information Service can help with enquiries about your Teva medicine, for example its appearance, whether you have questions about what it contains, or about possible interactions with foods or other medicines.
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